The Harvard Crimson

Spring Comp 2019


“In the future, everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes.” — Andy Warhol

We can’t predict how you’ll get famous, but we can promise you’ll look good doing it. Comp Fifteen Minutes, the Crimson’s weekly magazine, and hang out with the Cool KidsTM of 14 Plympton St.

We publish The Crimson’s sexiest content, from profiles of quirky campus figures to captivating retrospections, with a little levity in between. Sometimes, we don’t drink absinthe. Every once in a while, we talk about our feelings.

Oh, and we almost forgot: scrutinies. They’re our weekly cover stories, and consistently rank among the most-read articles on The Crimson’s website. If you’re looking to flex your investigative reporting muscles, look no further.

“Wait,” you might say. “I don’t have any investigative reporting muscles! I’ve never written a magazine article in my life!”

That’s where we come in: you’ll join us for weekly comp seminars and staff writers’ meetings on Monday evenings, and you’ll learn everything you need to know about writing for FM, from interview basics to structure and style. You’ll refine your articles with brilliant editors and in turn, we hope, grow immensely as a writer.

FM lends critical eyes and surprising angles to timely news threads. When News writers were reporting live from the HUDS picket lines, we were at home with dining workers, meeting the family members they were fighting to support. When President Obama nominated Harvard alum Merrick Garland ’77 to the Supreme Court, we called up his college roommates and learned about his sick karate moves.

At FM, we do a lot more than sit around and look cool. (Although we do a fair amount of that too.) We want you to join us.

Any questions? Want more information? Don’t hesitate to contact our Fifteen Minutes Comp Directors, Andrew W.D. Aoyama ( and Nina H. Pasquini ( with any and all questions and concerns.