The Harvard Crimson

Spring Comp 2021


The Arts Board of The Crimson is responsible for — believe it or not — writing about art.

We write about Taylor Swift and ‘Frozen 2’ and Ezra Miller's choking scandal and Justin Beiber's music video for ‘Yummy’ and, essentially, anything and everything going on in the world of art and pop culture. We also cover Harvard’s arts scene: from Ben Platt's “Man of the Year” celebration to the Hasty Pudding's yearly musical comedy to the Handel and Haydn's society's latest performance.

If you’re interested in film, TV, music, books, theater—really anything that you can consume with your eyes or ears—the Arts Board is for you!

Aside from being a part of the wonderful, idiosyncratic, and outrageously witty community that is the Arts Board, there are plenty of other perks to comping as well! Our writers have attended the Cannes Film Festival, sat down to interview Will Ferrell, and regularly get tickets to movie screenings, music performances, and guest speaker events—all free of charge.

We, like all Crimson boards, welcome everyone regardless of prior journalism experience. Our comp is designed to teach you everything you will need to know as a writer, from interviewing techniques to crafting a perfect lede. All you need to do is show up—and write!


We'll go over all of these at our first meeting, but in case you're curious, here's what you'll need to write to become a writer for Crimson Arts:
  • 2 reviews (reviews of movies, albums, books, theater, and exhibits)
  • 1 feature (longer pieces that do not fall under the category of criticism—e.g., event coverage)
  • 1 profile (longer, interview-driven pieces featuring an artist or cultural figure)
  • 1 Culture article (formerly known as Arts Blog)
  • 2 additional pieces for Arts

Articles are pitched out by editors at our weekly Writers' Meetings, which take place on Mondays at 7 p.m.

In addition to writing articles, compers must attend our weekly comp seminars at 6 p.m. on Mondays(i.e., directly before Writers' Meetings). At these seminars we'll teach you everything you need to know about arts writing, even if you have never written a complete sentence. We'll also have fun.

Did you start comping arts but got distracted? It's cool. We've kept track of everything you've already written and the articles still count towards your comp. Come back soon. We miss you.

Questions? Comments? Strong opinions about Harry Styles? Email comp directors Sofia Andrade ( and Joseph P. Kelly (