The Harvard Crimson

Spring Comp 2021


Are you hilarious? Witty? Mildly interesting to be around? Want a great community of people to laugh and eat Trader Joe's snacks with? If any of these apply to you, Blog is the place (board?) to be. We cover a variety of content, from how-to guides to vibe checks to Rupi Kaur-inspired poetry. Blog is one of the most well-read sections of The Crimson, and our posts have been picked up by multiple national and international news outlets.

Flyby is the flagship blog of the Crimson and covers student life — we follow all things happening on campus, from Housing Day to Visitas (on campus or online!), and allow you to write about what most interests you! As an already fully digital board, we're ahead of the game with this adjustment to virtual life and can't wait to keep producing relevant content by Harvard students, for Harvard students.

Whatever your interests (journalism, humor, or more), Blog will give you the space, training, and support to develop your own creative passions at 14p — just so long as it doesn't involve actual paper. But don't worry: we'll have gifs.


Yay if you’ve made it this far! Here's what you'll need to do during the comp process to join the Blog:

  • Write a total of 6 posts over the semester, including 1 from each of the following categories:
    • 1 Collaborative Piece
    • 1 Investigative Piece
  • Attend weekly comp meetings
  • Attend at least one office hours appointment every two weeks

If writing six pieces sounds intimidating, don't worry! If you’re looking for a cut-throat comp experience, you’re in the wrong place. We (Janani + Ellen) are super psyched to work with all our of compers on developing their pieces, from the I-have-vague-idea-of-joke-I-want-to-make-into-a-piece stage to the finishing touches!

If you're looking for a real ~family~ on campus, look no further. Ask anyone in Flyby (or in The Crimson, for that matter!) and they'll tell you how amazing our Flyfam is, with socials ranging from cute get-togethers with board-games to end-of-semester dinners at Border Cafe.

While we're online, you can catch us chatting in our GroupMe at all hours of the day, trying TikTok dances, or spending time over Zoom talking about everything that happened to us that week - in general, you'll always find someone on Flyby ready to listen to your latest rant (and even encourage you to write a piece about it!)

Any questions? Want more information? Don’t hesitate to contact our Blog Comp Directors, Ellen S. Deng ( and Janani Sekar (, with any and all questions and concerns. Hope to see you in the fall!