The Harvard Crimson

Fall Comp 2019


Who makes this paper a million-dollar business? We do.

The Harvard Crimson Business Board is the premier business experience on campus. Our associates gain hands-on experience managing a business from day one, and go on to obtain some of the most competitive business, finance, and consulting positions.

Google? Check.

Goldman Sachs? Check.

McKinsey? Check.

We train you in the skills you need to succeed both on and off campus—and give you the network to leverage those skills. And your resume will gain a couple really impressive lines: Who wouldn’t want to hire a guy who sold $100,000 in advertisements as a college freshman?

The culture of the Business Board has always proven unique and invigorating. Friendships are formed from the first day of the comp, and you’ll find a closely-knit community, with fellow associates ready to offer advice and help on anything you need. Whether you ask associates who comped their freshman fall, or those who comped their sophomore spring, they’ll tell you how close of a family Crimson Business really is.

We work hard and play harder. Join the comp to find out for yourself!

Requirements cover all three departments—Strategy, Marketing, and Advertising—teaching you a variety of skills from sales, marketing, to internal consulting. Mandatory weekly meetings introduce you to the theory behind different aspects of the business, which you can then apply during regular business hours while interacting with our many clients or working on high-impact projects. Once elected to the board, you will be able to specialize in one department and shape it as you wish.

Here at Crimson Business, we work hard and play harder. Join the comp to find out for yourself!

Any questions? Want more information? Don’t hesitate to contact our Directors of Staff Development, Jonathan V. Garzon ( and Joanne Lee ( with any and all questions and concerns.