The Harvard Crimson

Fall Comp 2017


They don’t call it a newspaper for nothing…

The News Board is the heart and soul of The Crimson. From bomb threats on campus to the University’s endowment, we report the stories that the Harvard community and the public want to read. Writers on the News Board have access to top University officials and get to see their bylines run in our newspaper. To boot, we are a committed, close-knit community that extends from our undergraduate days to long past graduation.

Whether you were editor of your high school newspaper or this is your first foray into journalism, the comp process is designed to provide students with the all the skills necessary for becoming a reporter. During the comp, students are expected to:

  • Attend weekly comp seminars
  • Write eight daily stories
  • Write one feature
  • Write two blog posts
  • Attend one assistant night editor shift

Come and join the ranks of The Crimson’s most prestigious board, which has produced the likes of presidents and Pulitzer Prize winners.

Any questions? Want more information? Don’t hesitate to contact our News Comp Director, Ignacio Sabate ( with any and all questions and concerns.